Wednesday, December 22, 2010


  1. In regards to my comment below about bloodline Chrissy whom was my younger brother Michaels girlfriend from 1985-2000, well her mother was an Auschwitz concentration camp survivor.
    Her mother has a numbered tattoo imprinted on one of her arms, she is from Poland whether she is a Polish Jew l don't know.
    Chrissy rarely spoke about her family and never said anything to me about her father only that she had faint memories of him as a young child.

    Theres a number of things l could say about Micheal afterwards the breakup with Chrissy in early 2000, also her too but it's something l understand.
    It seems like my brother Michael is under control somehow and cannot say anything about his relationship with Chrissy.
    When he did reveal under duress something about Chrissy, a few days later a car crashed into his driveway where his car was parked.
    This happened in the early hours of the morning metres from his bedroom window, he nor his wife never heard anything dispite the commotion it caused.
    Whoever did it escaped leaving his car a write off...this was a warning l believe.

  2. Since that episode well over a year ago from when his car was wrecked l have not seen Michael nor his wife Nicole, yet they only live about 5 miles away.

    It was my twin brother Glen and l that caused Michael to open up to his wife about Chrissy after we confronted Nicole about Michaels past with Chrissy.

    Whatever he said to Nicole about Chrissy must of been off limits, hence the warning.

    As for Michael hooking up then marrying Nicole so soon after his split up from Chrissy well thats a mystery too.

    They had their wedding reception at Attitudes Restuarant of all places in March 2002.
    l remember being a wedding guest then afterwards the mess upstairs and downstairs which l had to clean up all night before morning, no one helped me and bloodline Huw never showed up that night either...
    little bitch, HA.


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