Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Climate Change': There Just Aren't Enough Bullets

Right now I’m thinking positive thoughts about all the suffering, expense, disruption, misery, hardship, illness and death brought about by this godawful winter, because what I’m thinking is this: never before will there have been quite such an intense and widespread outburst of public fury at what is being done to our economy, our country, our public services and our freedoms in the name of “combatting global warming.”

As Kenneth Minogue argues rather more elegantly in The Servile Mind, (H/T Phaesi) it’s bloody amazing how much rubbish people will put up with without complaint, let alone revolt. Let us pray God that this winter – the third shocker in a row – will finally jerk those who have hitherto remained compliant out of their bovine complacency. And I don’t mean just in Britain. I mean every free country whose citizens’ liberty has been trampled underfoot as the result of the lies and distortions of the eco-fascist movement.'


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