Sunday, May 22, 2011

Unhappy Families: UK Is Third Worst in Europe for Home Life

Government has let down parents and children as debts and long working hours exact a major toll on Britons, says new research.

Britain is one of the worst countries in Europe for families, according to a study released today by the Relationships Foundation. High levels of debt and poverty, coupled with long and unsocial working hours, are major contributing factors, the report, Family Pressure Gauge, reveals.

Its research paints a picture of a country where, in stark contrast to David Cameron's pledge to make Britain the "most family-friendly" nation in the world, British families are among the most pressured in Europe, only ahead of Bulgaria and Romania.



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  2. Well.. the fact that most young people today and future generations have absolutely no hope of ever owning their own home, or finding jobs that could ever enable them to save up a deposit and take out a mortgage, or come to that, a decent job regardless of how much hard work they put in, or how many qualifications they gain, or come to that a job at all; I'm not surprised either...

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