Monday, May 23, 2011

Dr Kelly Police Probe Thrown Into Doubt Over Riddle of Prints on 'Missing' Dental Records

The police’s handling of the David Kelly case was thrown into fresh doubt last night amid a riddle over his dental records. On the day the weapons inspector’s body was found in woodland close to his Oxfordshire home, there was an alleged break-in at his dentist’s surgery. Dr Kelly’s dental records went missing for 48 hours before being found again inside the surgery.

Assistant Chief Constable Michael Page of Thames Valley Police had previously told the Hutton Inquiry there was ‘no evidence’ of any unidentified fingerprints being on Dr Kelly’s file. His comments appeared to crush any suggestion of a link between the break-in and the mystery over how Dr Kelly died.

But Freedom of Information requests have revealed that, in fact, there were six unidentified prints on the dental records and the file which held them. Campaigners say the discrepancy raises doubts about the evidence given to the Hutton Inquiry.


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