Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are You A Futant?

Are there humans who are genetically determined to be indicators of the next dimension of evolving human consciousness? Yes. We call them futants. This paper is intended to provide a name, sense of identity, concept, vocabulary, context, and suggestion of societal role-contribution.

Futant is a term coined by Timothy Leary, Ph.D., former Harvard lecturer in psychology and the engine behind the peaceful Jeffersonian revolution of the ‘60’s. Melding future and mutant, it defines those 1.5-2% of the population at any given time who are genetically “programmed” to be the evolutionary future scouts.'



  1. The futant l am

    For 29 months l have danced deliberately around in comments posted on AC/DotConnectors blog only to invite ones focused eyes to follow and peer into ones own experience, for one to come dance with me also.

    "cause anybody just wont do"......
    Celebration Madonna.

    It was meant for one to follow one, up close and personal, an invitation to the dance of life deep down a rabbit hole into the hidden world that l was to dig myself into via an
    experience from the heart, within The House of

    An invisible world that attempted to silence and prevent one from reaching the pot of gold
    so to speak, at the end of the rainbow.
    What l was to unearth on ones life plan and a
    blueprint that l was to find way down the rabbit hole is now what l share with you.

    For 29 months bloodline Huw Thomas and l danced
    around each other during 2000-2002 cleanly, in the night of Attitudes Restaurant socially.
    Never once in the 29 months did l ever touch bloodline Huw nor he touch me.
    The only time we touched each other was with a handshake, but he did touch me secretly within, this he knew secretly within too.

    His bloodline mission was to entice me to do so...secretly.

    "give it up, do as l say, give it up and let me have my way"....Erotica Madonna.

    continued down here on AC/DC's blog.

  2. On the night of the 29/Sept/2002 and just a little over a month from the last moments l spent with bloodline Huw outside of the carpark of Attitudes Restuarant...revealed, and which l have written about in detail previously in commentary, l headed for my shift to clean Attitudes Restuarant that evening.

    Heavens that was a difficult time for me the weight of it all, it was like walking around with an extremely heavy load on my being as l
    ploughed my way through each day afterwards from that last moment on 21/Sept/2002.

    As l entered the dining room of Attitudes from the small corridor leading into the room l kind of sensed something in the air.

    The restuarant was BUSY for once with every table occupied with the chatter of people.
    As l headed for the bar to make myself a latte
    at the coffee bean machine l noticed my sisters mother and step father in law sitting on the chesterfield couches beside the windows of Attitudes.

    My sisters step father in law was the only person to look at me as l walked up to the bar,
    so l nodded hello to him as his head followed me with a blank stare.

    While fixing my drink l looked over the coffee bean machine to where they sat directly in front of me, about 10 feet away.

    Suddenly l was staring at a young muscular man
    slouched on the couch staring at me with the most evil expression on his face l've ever seen in real life.
    He was dressed in a tight grey short sleeved shirt and slacks, his arms muscular.

    l have to say his face was demonic in discribing him, l couldn't see his eyes as they were shaded in darkness from his brow.

    He stared at me directly with a sneer etched apon his mouth, by crickey it was like looking at the devil.
    l was startled with a jolt of shock within however l carefully didn't show it only dropping my gaze to concentrate on making my latte drink, l then headed out back without looking back.

    When l was out back in the kitchen of Attitudes l asked someone fresh in my shock,
    "Whos that young guy sitting with the Asps"

    It had already dawned on me once spoken in a word.....The Asps....Asps....Asp.

  3. The young muscular guy l saw staring at me was a diversion to frighten me...didn't work,
    instead it exposed to me the ASPS, hidden but visible within a surname.

    He was daughter Rebecca Asps boyfriend Andy also bloodline, and by crickey did she have a number of boyfriends that l saw whilst cleaning the House of the Asps.

    Soon after this evening l was to do research on the surname Asp in Australia searching through every phonebook from every state of OZ, only to find they are the only family with that surname,
    connected to my sister by marriage, Attitudes Restauarant, Myself and then David Ickes work about the bloodline....and the reptilians.

    continued below

  4. When l first heard the surname Asp in 1976 l thought it odd and funny, it reminded me of the Cleopatra story where she and her maidens used an asp to commit suicide, now today with what l've experienced with bloodline Huw Thomas and the hidden place l've been introduced to, be it shocking to one, its part of the watertight evidence of my experience downunder with the bloodline people ridicule David Icke for, not
    anymore here though.

    l'll continue on in time.

  5. *******Correction on second comment

    "from that last moment on the 21/AUGUST/2002"



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