Wednesday, April 27, 2011

France Telecom Man Sets Himself on Fire

A worker of France Telecom-Orange has committed suicide by setting himself on fire at the company's premises near the southwestern city of Bordeaux.

Authorities say the 57-year-old man set himself alight in a car park at France Telecom premises near Bordeaux.

The father of four and a member of the CFDT union monitored working conditions, health and safety, several union sources said.'


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  1. Well, there is obviously something clearly wrong in France Telecom-Orange if people keep killing themselves.

    27 suicided deaths last year alone....Well, that is very serious.

    Another question is, do the company actually care? You would think that in a company where people keep killing themselves that someone would actually investigate why this is happening.

    Well, in a normal world this is what we would expect.


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