Monday, April 25, 2011

540 Taliban Militants Flee Kandahar Jail

At least 540 Taliban militants, including 106 commanders, have escaped from Kandahar central prison in southern Afghanistan, an official says.

According to Taliban spokesman Qari Yusuf Ahmadi, 541 Taliban prisoners managed to escape from Kandahar prison early Monday. He said 106 of them are key Taliban commanders, a Press TV correspondent reported.

The Prisoners had dug a 360-meter-long tunnel under the prison's ground, which took them over six months to complete it, the spokesman further explained.'



  1. This shows the the Afghan government cannot secure its prisoners those who were escaped from the jail are very dangerous digging of a tunnel at about 320 meters is not a work of one or two days it will take more than a few weeks so until the prisoners escape what were the secured police doing? it is very irresponsibility.

  2. It seems quite likely there’s been some complicity in this escape from prison staff. But one area where Brechers analysis fails is that it wasn’t prisoners digging out, it was Taliban digging INTO the prison to spring their fellow boy-cuddlers. There was no need to carry any dirt out to the yard. The tunnel was dug from outside and then it was just a matter of breaching the floor and letting the prisoners out, which to be fair here would probably have taken some looking the other way on part of at least some of the guards.


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