Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chavez Lends Support to Syrian Leader

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has thrown his weight behind Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and pointed a finger of blame at the West for recent unrests in the Middle Eastern country.

Chavez accused the United States and its allies of fomenting unrest and protests in Syria, arguing that Western powers were seeking to topple the Syrian government.

"Terrorists are being infiltrated into Syria and producing violence and death -- and once again, the guilty one is the (Syrian) president, without anyone investigating anything," AFP quoted Chavez as saying on Monday.'


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  1. European Union take this decision a little bit latter but took right decision Syrian forces killing day by day so many people now we have to stop these killings immediately and arrest those leaders who are against the Syrian people and killing them with their forces i don't know the Syrian leaders what they are doing will they win the war which they have been continuing with their people? no they never with the war which against their people.


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