Monday, April 25, 2011

You are Not a Prince and I am Not Your Subject

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  1. Subject to none other than the ONE.

    For 29 months l have been attempting to express an experience like no other about my life in a way designed for ones oneself to connect the dots and then add it all up, that what has been written down for one to piece together.

    Sometimes its has been a bit of bumpy ride for me but far more so it has been a joy within or as one of lesser years would discribe as ;sick ....(awesome).

    It was within 29 months also that l was to trip stumble and fall in love secretly with another one then.......experience the love loss, in OZ, somewhere over the rainbow downunder.
    l hope you can see shades within a gay rainbow and l hope you can feel it by touch within and within my long commitment in commentary, as l am one that maybe the answers looking for you,
    the one also.

    In 1976 l was to hear a word that in late 2002
    was to introduce me into a hidden world within mine and our world, and in blood and lines the word spoke from the pages of time stretching back into the dawn in time when those who from Heaven to Earth came, times.
    Now known from history as the Anunnaki time.

    l suppose l've known for a very, very long time,
    only forgotten so and with this life l live now l've been reminded so, in these times.

    Continued shortly in time.


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