Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Parents Threatened with Debt Collectors After Racking up Bills for Their Children's School Dinners

A primary school headteacher threatened to report struggling parents to debt collectors after failing to pay for their children’s school dinners.

Despite a debt collection agency branding the threat as ‘ridiculous’, the school head said ‘there comes a point when you have to be ruthless’.

The official warning was issued to families of pupils at Corinthian primary school, in Stoneycroft, Liverpool, after some parents racked up ‘hundreds of pounds’ worth of dinner money debts.'


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  1. If people can't pay for school meals, wouldn't it make some sense for these parents to make a packed lunch for these children to take to school?

    Also, a packed lunch would ensure that if your child had any allergies etc that they were eating the right foods for them.

    Well, that's just my opinion on it really.


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