Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Paranormal: Ghost of Little Girl Seen by Entire Neighbourhood


  1. The only time l have felt the presence of a someone who had passed on was a suicide.
    l felt a hand tap me on the shoulder soon after l'd just been told of about his death on the 20/07/1994...he's name was Stephen too.

    The last time l saw him was at a cousin's wedding in 1994.
    My younger brothers girlfriend whom l've mentioned before in a few comments and whom was years later found out to be of the bloodline around us..[Glen & I], stated to us at that wedding...WE know him.

    Who the WE was l don't know but she {Chrissy] said he was a regular buyer of drugs at the place she bought drugs...wherever that was.
    He lived many, many miles away from our location yet she knew him.
    There was no communication between them at the wedding like as if they knew each other though.

    Months later he gassed himself using a hose connected to the exhaust of his car under a state of depression.

    Note the date he died same as the date that bloodline Huw revealed himself to me in 2002.

  2. The only other time was while playing with an ouija board in 1968 which l've spoke about beforehand in a comment.
    That was my Nanna Hepburn spelling out to us 4 board players when questioned, what Poppy Hepburns middle name was...Fargie.

  3. The flash of light or [as a ball of light] that l witnessed on a regular basis in Attitudes plus the orange ball of light l saw pass by a window in country Victoria Echuca long ago, were not paranormal however.

    They were a means of interdimensional contact.


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