Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Surge: How Many More Palestinian Homes Must be Demolished Before Western Governments Act?

As Westerners busy themselves preparing for Christmas, Israel has accelerated its campaign of ethnic cleansing in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and within its own (non-declared) borders. Those familiar with the conduct of successive Israeli governments, right-and left-wing, will not be surprised. They have a long-standing reputation for using international diversions to advance their drive for lebensraum - living space - in Palestine.

During the Christmas holidays two years ago, the then Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, launched a massive artillery and aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip, followed by a full-scale invasion. This year, it appears that a pre-Christmas offensive has started with a spate of insidious home demolitions.

To-date, there has not been a word of condemnation from Brussels, New York or Washington; everyone is too busy, it seems, preparing for the supposed "season of peace and goodwill to men". Censure of the Israeli acts may well have to wait until the cows come home (unless Israeli bombs get there first and kill them in the fields).'


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