Friday, December 24, 2010

13 Yr Old Arrested By Teacher For Marking Pen Possession

According to an Oklahoma City Police Department report, the boy was spotted “in possession of a permanent marker” by Roosevelt Middle School teacher DeLynn Woodside. The 50-year-old educator told cop Miguel Campos that the student was “writing on a piece of paper, which caused it to bleed over onto the desk.”

Woodside, pictured at right, reported that the child, whose name was redacted by police from the report, attempted to hide the marker when she asked him for it. Strangely, Woodside’s Facebook page reveals that her “likes and interests” include the official “Sharpie Permanent Markers” page on Facebook.

Campos reported that he allowed Woodside, a seventh grade math teacher, to “sign a citation” against the boy, who was then transported to the Community Intervention Center, a juvenile holding facility. A police sergeant subsequently “booked the marker into the property room".'


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  1. DeLynn Woodside, the side of a house must be over the moon to see the results of her half witted actions Sharpieleaked over the internet for all to see with her ahem!...unflattering mugshot.

    l am for her, today..merrily..HA.


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