Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nablus: Israel Gives Villagers 24 Hours to Hit the Road Before Leveling Tana

Israeli authorities have given the people of the east Nablus village of Tana 24 hours to evacuate their homes before demolishing them, and threatened to confiscate their livestock when the deadline falls, sources in Nablus said.

Tana is home to more than 35 Palestinian families. They have decided to resist decisions to demolish their homes and eject them from them, calling on officials to stand by them in the face of the arbitrary ruling.

The village's population has been residing there since the 1940's. They had prior to that dwelled in caves in the rock village before they began building to house themselves and their livestock, their key source of livelihood.

The village sits seven kilometers away from Beit Fourik. Villagers have fallen victim to Jewish settlers from time to time.'


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