Saturday, March 12, 2011

Duke of York to Face Fresh Questions as Epstein Case Takes New Twist

Several women who claim they were sexually abused by Epstein are challenging a plea bargain deal that enabled the billionaire to avoid being tried for offences that carried a possible life sentence. They say the deal with prosecutors was unlawful because under US law they should have been consulted, and want Epstein’s convictions for lesser offences to be set aside so he can face a fresh trial.

The Duke, who stayed at Epstein’s home in Florida and flew with him in his private jet, may be one of several high-profile figures from whom lawyers may want to take statements as part of that process.

The Duke could be asked to give a statement to the FBI, as lawyers believe he may have been with Epstein at times when under age girls were in the house, and that he could have information helpful to their inquiries.'


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