Thursday, March 10, 2011

What Actually Happened in Birkenhead County Court 7th March 2011?

Roger: of the Hayes family (as commonly called) was summonsed for unpaid Council Tax. He fought this through a number of Court Hearings, as reported on, and elsewhere.

During these Hearings he managed to get agreement that:

1) The Council themselves were issuing Summonses directly ... without going through Due Process (which would have consisted of the Council laying a Complaint with the Local Courts).

2) As the Council did this (issuing Summonses themselves) they used letters headed as if the Summons had been sent by the Court. This is contrary to Law. The Council is not any part of any judicial process. The Council were, therefore, guilty of massive deception.

(The above applies to all Councils in the United Kingdom).

Because Roger had not paid (for approximately 3 years), the Local Council decided to 'up the ante' by pursuing a Bankruptcy Petition against him.'


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