Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Thou Shall Not Dissent: How Britain Persecuted Libyan Refugees to Please Gaddafi

On 25 March 2004, Tony Blair travelled to Libya to meet Colonel Gaddafi in what was the first ever state visit by a British Prime Minister to the country. Despite Gaddafi’s brutal track record of oppressing his own people at home and sponsoring terrorism abroad, Blair felt that their common grievances against "al-Qaeda, extremists and terrorism" made friendship with Libya necessary for the purposes of security for both the Middle East, Britain and the wider world. Subsequent events would tragically show that the only people whose security was not considered and even mercilessly sacrificed was that of the Libyan people, both in Libya and the UK. From that day, opposing Gaddafi, peacefully or otherwise, would become a crime synonymous with terrorism.'


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