Friday, March 11, 2011

Harper Says Half Million Dollar 'Hush Money' Paid to Ethics Czar Worth Every Penny

Stephen Harper is defending the $500,000 tax dollars paid as "hush money" to the woman who apparently swept roughly 50 fraud allegations against his government, under the rug.'



  1. Continued from 6/March/11

    The other Steevin Harper that is not the pimp in Canada....Ha.

    During 1999 David Icke was to tour Australia promoting and speaking to a interested audience about his new book titled "The Biggest Secret",
    however l didn't know about this then as my focus with the alternative media had lapsed slightly with the new found circle of friends l'd found within Attitudes Restaurant throughout they buttered me up in their way nicely.

    l had no idea that Icke had a new book out until late 1999, then my brother and l bought 2 copies of The Biggest Secret from an alternative bookstore supplier in Melbourne.

    From the first couple of pages that l read l thought OMG what's this about "reptilians", beforehand it was about secret societies or such now its about a shapeshifting bloodline
    hidden within the echelon of the hierarchy!

    l could see the connection that Icke presented within The Biggest Secret however accepting it as proof was another matter, l needed living proof of this somehow or someway to believe it so and there was nobody really to confirm it so positively out there, except myself l was to find in the end, after a time in the time l spent in the company and pleasure on his time beside me with bloodline Huw in Attitudes .

    It was on a warm summers evening in Williamstown as from the 29/Jan/2000 that my eyes landed with love at first sight on the most fundamentally important person l've ever met in my life....Huwey, yet l didn't know so at that moment in time and what was to come between us from then on in time.

    The night l saw Huw l was sitting waiting for his friend, the recently employed apprentice Chef/Cook Health mcGeough, to finish up his duties in the kitchen of Attitudes.

    Huw walked by the windows of Attitudes with his right arm drapped over a young girl kind of in slow motion and robotically, his face seemed to glow when he stopped outside the opened front door of Attitudes, then he called for Heath.

    l was a little annoyed as there was still a few customers dining in Attitudes while he shouted out for Heath at the front entrance.

    All the while as he called for Heath he was looking at me sitting there by a table facing the front door with a charming smile on his face.

    l thought thinking to myself, excuse the language, fuck he's beautiful.

    Continued below

  2. The waitress had left beforehand as it was a quiet night in Attitudes Restaurant that night, the few customers she had served had all payed for their meals so l was keeping an eye on their leaving the premises before locking the front door....the doorman role which l was to act as many times ahead in Attitudes if any bar staff had clocked off early.

    When Huw yelled out 'Heath' a few times from the front door of Attitudes l said to Him that l'll go fetch him for you, as l went to get up from my table Heath came out through the small hallway after hearing Huws calls for him.

    That was the arrival of Huw Thomas, somewhere deep inside of me l had an funny feeling about him from that moment we looked at each other, and l wished l was his friend too, then my wish came true sooner rather than later within a few days....yes it was love at first sight, but hidden.

  3. No money can hush Haprs up like that critter in Canada...Ha


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