Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Britain: 'The Era Of Constant Electricity At Home Is Ending', National Grid Chief

There is something very,very wrong with this Coalition Government and it’s energy policies, the evidence continues to mount from around the world that wind power, quite simply does not work for a wide range of reasons: too much wind, too little, the turbines are frozen.

Again and again blogs and MSM outlets have pointed out that Chris Huhne will cause Black Out Britain and still blinded by the light of Climate Religion Dave and the Huhnatic are hell bent on Blackout Britain, and it’s not just Climate Realists who say this.'



  1. Well, the wind turbines work in places that are just as cold as the UK, so, what does that tell you?

    Maybe it's the position, altitude and design of the wind turbines in the UK that is all wrong. Maybe they need some oiling to keep them lubricated and running smoothly?

    Knowing UK, they probably went and bought the most expensive, but not necessarily the best option....wasting money as usual.

    Besides, sometimes a combined approach is needed.

    It wouldn't surprise me if we started having power cuts for days here....These days anything goes...the difference between power cut here compared to Africa is that at least the weather is cold enough to leave stuff from your fridge outside....You, know, you have to have a contingency plan ready for when we DO start getting those power cuts.

    Ohhhh....better gets some candles and matches too and maybe a wind-up flashlight....Hmmm, those will definitely come in handy.

    One time, many years ago, we had a power cut for something like 5 hours....I just sat in the dark...LOL....The phones and everything stopped working....Actually, maybe we need generators here....these days you can buy quiet generators...but having those in the UK? Well, that would be taking a steo backwards.

    Instead of poking noses into other people's affairs elsewhere, we need to concentrate on making UK better.

    Anyway, how come you never respond to any of my posts? Are you some kind of silent partner?...LOL

  2. LOL....I just fully noticed the picture in this article...Hahahahaha....That's really funny.


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