Thursday, March 10, 2011

£7.7 Million for Boss of a Bank WE Bailed Out . . . Even Though They Lost £1Billion Last Year

Royal Bank of Scotland was branded ‘a disgrace’ after handing its chief executive Stephen Hester a £7.7million pay package for last year – even though the bailed-out bank lost more than £1billion.

The bank revealed that Mr Hester and eight of his top team are sharing a bonus and shares windfall totalling £28million for 2010, despite presiding over a dismal performance.

Mr Hester gets a £1.2million base salary, plus a £2.01million bonus in shares and the chance to get a further £4.45million under a long-term incentive scheme.'


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  1. Yes, that's right.....A disgrace.

    when are they going to pay back their so called bailout money if they can afford to give themselves huge base salries and fat cat bonuses....All this to sit down drinking tea and eating crumpets!

    Meanwhile, the whole business is collapsing around their ears. Ridiculous, really.


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