Sunday, March 06, 2011

Motorists Illegally Detained at Florida Tolls - For Using Large Bills!


  1. Is it me, or are things going from bad to ridiculous in te USA.

    Money is money.....These toll booths should have change.

    Well, if they took cheques or credit cards, then people can pay that way.

    Common sense.

  2. Continued from 19/Feb/11

    As the last minutes of 1999 ticked by with the ushering in of the 21st century and 2000, my mother, brother Glen and l watched the spectacle below us from the best seat in the house upstairs within the House of Attitudes,
    from a small balcony.

    All around and up and down Nelson Place Williamstown crowds of people and cars swarmed about in party mode with the usual antics of New Years Eve revelry to celebrate a nick in time, without a hitch from a Y2K bug in sight.

    From our vantage point above ground on the platform of Attitudes balcony we watched the explosion of fireworks lighting up the night skyline of the city of Melbourne close in the distance with our birdseye view, unaware that below l had been watched secretly by eyes among the crowd of people at ground level, waiting for their moment outside, to let the right one inside with bloodline Huw Thomas.

    The child l once had eyed upon a balcony then for 20 seconds 15 years earlier, with his father lan Thomas.

    Access to Attitudes Restaurant had already been established with the employment of the new apprentice chef/cook Heath McGeough, a troubled chubby 16 year old teenager and the best friend of bloodline Huw at that time, now all that was needed was access to Harps....from the outsider Huwey.

    On the 19/01/2000 it was time to say goodbye to the two British tourists Sara Wong and Jamie who had been in Australia for 1 year.
    Sara being the niece of Attitudes owner and businessman Vincent Wong.
    We had become friends during 1999 and it was sad to see them depart home for England as they had been good company at Attitudes day and night while they had worked there partly through 1999, however in time their friendship was to be found an illusion also, as much as the mob who were networking around me during my time in the hidden set up at Attitudes.

    10 days after their departure came the arrival of bloodline Huw and with his company my blues over Sara and Jamie leaving alleviated, when l let the right one in.

    Continued soon

    the rift with my brother is still ongoing but hes not going to DETAIN me from the internet, l'll just sneak on it while hes not looking..ha

    like l have done so here :)


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