Sunday, March 06, 2011

Obama Agrees on Further Budget Cuts

US President Barack Obama has decided to make further budget cuts as long as Congress compromises on a budget deal that would end the threat of a government shutdown.

“The US can't do business two weeks at a time. It's not responsible, and it threatens the progress our economy has been making,” Wall Street Journal quoted Obama in his weekly radio and Internet address on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the 50-billion-dollar cut offered by the White House and Democrats falls short of the 62-billion-dollar one suggested by the Republicans.


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  1. How does the public support spending reduction? The public supports TAXING THE RICH. Yes – poll after poll show this. The public supports protecting the social safety net. The public supports funding our schools, protecting our environment, social security, medicare, consumer protection, regulating Wall St.The public wants JOBS. The notion that the public supports the Republican JOB-KILLING budget cuts is B.S.The public will be out in the street opposing the Republican assault on the Middle Class. From the Middle East to the MidWest – to all of Middle Class America – you will see opposition to the Richest of the Rich running roughshod over the rest of us.


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