Monday, May 16, 2011

US Radiation Experiments on Black People Left Holes in their Heads

'In this unbelievable video, an elderly man tells a story about unknown radiation experiments that started when he was five-years old. As a result, he has a hole in his head to this day. In a Smith Leonard Production, the story is going to be told about what happened to these people and why most of us never knew anything about it.'


  1. Shameful and unforgivable to say the least.

  2. Evil, wicked and disgraceful are some other words that come to my mind.

    Thank goodness there are still real and living people to show the evidence of this wickedness.

    Also, what did they achieve after experimenting on these people?

    When the man said he was not angry, that made me cry, because I'm angry....experimenting with radiation on a 5 year old?

    Some really evil and wicked people have walked this planet.


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