Monday, December 20, 2010

'EastEnders' Heather 'Should Get Flu'

Soap characters should be just as susceptible to catching the flu as everyone else, a leading public health advisor has suggested.

Professor John Ashton claimed that Heather Trott from EastEnders, portrayed by actress Cheryl Fergison, would offer an excellent opportunity to show the potentially fatal dangers of contracting the seasonal virus.

Speaking to PA, the chairman of the UK Public Health Association said that Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks also had an opportunity to highlight the issue, which is often overlooked as a health concern.'


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  1. All these ridiculous things I read.

    There are so many diseases and ailments that can be highlighted and brought to the public's attention on Eastenders besides swine flu.

    These people are like a dof with a bone. One they get fixated on something, they will not let go of it, until they have milked it for all they can.

    Just like these celebritites, once they get fixated on one person, you can't go anywhere without seeing that one person, until you practically get fed up of seeing and hearing about them.

    These public health associations need to spend more time worrying about whether the Government is going to shut them down than about Eastenders.

    There are so many diseases, ailments and more pressing and urgent issues they can be worrying about, isntead of Eastenders.

    Just because they want to sell their worthless flu jab.

    Common sense has flown out of the window, a long time ago.


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