Sunday, January 16, 2011

Police Surveillance Row Grows as Third Undercover Officer Identified

Criticism of undercover operations used by police to infiltrate radical protest groups is set to increase following revelations that the officer, known only as Officer B, had a sexual relationship with a woman who thought he was a fellow activist.

She said on Saturday she felt "colossally betrayed" by his actions.

News of the existence of the 44-year-old officer comes as regulators prepare two separate official inquiries into the activities of the secret police surveillance network, following the unmasking of Mark Kennedy, an undercover officer who had infiltrated environmental groups in Nottingham.'



  1. This Mark Kennedy fellow is a real rat. I didn't even know he was married with two kids, in the meantime sampling the delights within the environmentalist camp. Stupid son of a gun. what if he got some of those women pregnant? I guess his pea brain didn't think that far ahead.

    If he didn't think of anything, he should have thought about his two small children. Worthless snake.

    Just goes to show that all this undercover spy business isn't working with these amateurs who seem to always get caught.

  2. Apparently, they want to make the whole thing into a film now and there is a "scramble" for the film rights. *rolls eyes*

  3. Actually, the thought had crossed my mind that he could have quit. Nobody tied him down and forced him to stay.

    He could have just walked away from the whole thing.

    Anyway, who would be an undercover cop? I think some people just love being nosey and spying on people, if we are being honest.

    The man stayed because he was getting a thrill out of his undercover life....Deception.

  4. Oh, and it just occurred to me the real reason why the Government are cutting down on police numbers.

    These undercover or should I say covert spy operations aren't working.

    What good is an "undercover" cop that is supposed to be working but busy getting his rocks off on the job.

    This is one of many slimy snakes running around allegedly trying to frame ordinary innocent people.

    How can they send you in to be the undercover cop and you are the mastermind and brains behind everything?

    What a bunch of clowns.

    this is why there is no money left to catch murderers, rapists, paedophiles, drug dealers and so on.

    The police are too busy getting their rocks off with people they have deemed to be criminals.

    Well, that was a wasted 10 year operation, wasn't it?


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