Saturday, January 22, 2011

Proposed Bill in Colorado Will Make Everyone Who Gets A Drivers License Automatically Consents to Being an Organ Donor .Welcome to the New Medical Tyranny.

I notice in many states. The condition Drivers Licenses gives certain terms. In Florida holding a driver license constitutes a field sobriety test. In Texas they are trying to pass is males between 18 and 26 constitutes automatic registration into selective service. Now there is a bill proposed in Colorado that would make everyone an organ donor as an agreement to be issued a driver license.

Now I hear rumors of hospitals killing patients for there organs. If this legislation becomes law in Colorado. I can see a person who goes through the emergency room being slightly injured in a car wreck needing stitches. They run test seeing there blood and tissue samples up against the list of people needing organs.The results show they matches a wealthy man needing a liver transplant. All of sudden this person dies from a so called alleged ruptured spleen they did not catch in earlier test. I heard stories of Hospitals killing patients who are on the organ donor list so they can harvest the organs for profit. If it is true. It is a wicked practice.'


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  1. David Cameron just proposed this for the uk. Funny how lots of different countries are bringing in the same laws at the same time, eg: drug testing for motorists, makes me think that we are already living under a one world government in all but name.
    As for automatically consenting to become an organ donor, what the hell? So now they're telling you, yeah, we even own your body as well. Wonder how many people will be pronounced dead just because their organs would match someone "more worthy"?
    Don't know if you've watched the film "the Island"? Looks like it's becoming more of a reality.....


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