Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Truthjuice Gathering 2011


  1. Continued from 18/01/00....

    When l started writing my comments on DotConnectorUK's blog begining Oct 2008 l didn't know how l was going to manage and go about it really.

    However, the basic biographical plot and theme which was to hiddenly guide me and then lead up to my experience under the rooftop of Attitudes Restaurant, had already been worn and lived out.

    The theme and plot l plodded along were to experience and uncover another plot within the plot so to speak, so l could let my imagination run wild and free by poking fun at myself and the experience itself also in comments.

    Touching on the Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and numerous other minor characters incorporated into my comments, l could add the hint of real life characters into the subtext.

    l didn't want to, and l did want to expose the bloodline around me yet there wasn't a choice in hiding their identities using pseudonyms to conceal their identities, because they are as they are, as l am to that, that l am in the central plot to the and by name.

    It is in name that is the key to understanding my experience...but l didn't write that plot within the mystery of the who did and why did it so?

  2. l mean no harm, nor harm to them by doing so and this isn't revenge or such by doing so either.
    l couldn't even spit in there eye but theres a stupid few near the top of the pyramid l could spit in the eye, wouldn't you...he, he.

    From my early teens my first and greatest love has been listening to music, the only playing l did was on a turntable as l can't play a note for the life of me, but it could take me away privately from the drabness of the everyday with excitement.
    l remember buying my first 45rpm single, the Jackson 5 with ABC, bloody hell that started off my obssession with records from then on.

    As l got older in my teens l could pretend whoever male or female it was that moved me.
    l wanted to be the disturbing Bowie or Bolan or Elvis or Lennon and even a punk like Johnny Rotten.
    At the same time l wanted to be Patsy Cline, Peggy Lee, Billie Holiday or a Janis Joplin, but as fate would have it, Kylie was to rub a bit of her shine upon me and l ended up a little bit Kylie..ha, in the House of Attitudes.
    My heartsrings plucked, thats Plucked, by a young guy l just couldn't get out of my head,
    even if l dared try to, nor did he with me in his head as he fished around me eyeing that dark secret of a prize within hungry like a croc.

    Hoping to catch a man overboard and gutting out the love l hid...

    Continued next time...

    Cant write everyday as l've got everyday things to do like gardening, weeding, cleaning and cooking, listening to podcasts, reading, chillin' out, you know that kind of thing.

  3. Still l have to laugh at my experience with all its seriousness.

    Its like some kind of B-Grade romantic gay musical thriller with an underling subject in Sci Fi/horror within the theme of the storyline....ha.


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