Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oklahoma First Grader Suspended For ‘Offensive’ Hand Gesture

An Oklahoma boy got in trouble during an assembly at Parkview Elementary when he made a simple hand gesture. No, not that one. The first grader just made the childhood symbol for a gun, pretending he was shooting. This is something we, at least guys, have always done. My kids make the gesture hundreds of times a day — like a nervous tick.

The boy was placed on in-school suspension and threatened with more severe punishment should he repeat the gesture.'


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  1. Unfortunately, children copy what they see adults doing at home or in public. So, anything surprising here?

    I saw a video of one child on Youtube swearing and using the f-word, the chikd was about 4 or 5 with tattoos or drawings on his face. I saw another video of a baby girl smoking a joint.

    Where does or from who does an innocent child learn all these things?


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