Sunday, January 16, 2011

Did Australia's Obsession with Global Warming Contribute to the Brisbane Floods?

Who, if anyone, is to blame for the terrible flooding in Brisbane? Commentators are pointing their collective finger at the usual suspects. For the extreme green magazine Grist, the floods expose mankind’s arrogance in believing that he can build settlements anywhere he likes, even on floodplains. Nature is “taking a perverse pleasure in pointing out just where the shiny, might city is weakest”, gloats Grist. Others are blaming Aussie property developers, for thoughtlessly throwing up flood-prone buildings, and yet others think Queensland politicians should have done more to improve flood defences.

But might there be another, so far overlooked, contributing factor to the floods? Might the politics of environmentalism itself – the contemporary obsession with global warming as the greatest threat to mankind – have exacerbated the impact of the flooding in Brisbane? It seems possible that Aussie politicians’ and officials’ deeply held conviction that the main problem we face today is increased heat, droughts and a lack of rainfall caused them to take their eye off the ball in Brisbane, and to be unprepared for something as relatively normal as very heavy rainfall.'



  1. Well, personally, I think it is a combination of these, "Aussie property developers, for thoughtlessly throwing up flood-prone buildings, Queensland politicians should have done more to improve flood defences."

    The problem environmental threat is a real and serious one. Unfortunately, for many governments around the world instead of putting their focus on flood and disaster contingency planning, they are busy trying to cash in on the "global warming" or is it "global cooling" environmental opportunities.

    One thing I have thought about is the threat from above. I mean in London, UK, we have the flood defence in the form of the Thames Barrier, but how about other flood prone areas, what happens to them? Each time we have heavy rain in London, I think about the people in Gloucestershire and how they will be getting terrible floods out there. Where is the flood contingency plan for those people?

    the problem is you can't control nature. even if they have such a thing as HAARP, you cannot control nature, that is just the truth. Besides, we will all be affected even if there are certain entities who think they can control the weather. the knock-on effect will affect us all.

    Look at the UK for example, each year they will complain about snow and then when the weather gets bad, there is not enough salt and you have to wait hours for a train, or there are no overhead trains at all.

    Each year, it is the same OLD story. Too bad that some of these Politicians are all talk and no action, because innocent people will suffer.

  2. Yes we know the floods in Queensland are massive however 18+ people perished compered to the rising score reported in Brazil
    now at 600+ with downpours predicted still over the next 7 days, with short and sweet coverage here comparatively.

    Here in Australia every useful face of the NWO has seized the moment from Prime minister, Premiers, Heads of this and that, governor general, CORPORATE MEDIA and illuminati money bomb agencies.

    Even so called royality such as Denmark and kooky Charles have piped in their waffle.
    Prince Charles sent a video messages from his WEBRING of a mob while speaking on their behalf at the shock of the scale of the floods, and perhaps flushing the royal throne after looking into it from his angle.

  3. In the video from Prince Charles he rambles on in his upper crust of a slice bread British accent about the size of the flood which combines France and Germany in scale.
    Most visible to me in his diction is when he says "Coupling with the snakes and crocodiles that Queenslanders face after the floods"

    In emphasising the word "snakes" his body jerks in a spasm which almost looks as if he's about to his lose his casual balance in the stillness of his fake ramble about how touched his mob have been at the dire straights of the people of Queensland.

    Of course the media have told us that the royals of Britain and Denmark have donated an undisclosed sum to the appeal.

    Probably $1000 bucks like the billionaire owners of Walmart did for the employees of Walmart in America during their dire straights of a time, which l heard about sometime ago.

  4. l forgot to mention in my last post about little tiny streaks of lights beforehand,
    on that night in early 1992 when returning to Williamstown from my cousins place in Frankston Victoria.

    When my brother Glen and l, as well as my cousin Daryl were standing in Daryls backyard, well little tiny lights were zooming above our heads.

    They were about 3 or 4 feet above our heads and moving very fast leaving streaks of light in their trail above us.

    "Look! WTF are they??..."Daryl said

    "There not insects....their to fast?...insects don't fly at that speed??" Glen said.

    l looked above our heads watching these tiny streaks of lights above us, you could almost reach above and touch them, if you had a fishing net that is.

    They were like shooting stars but only 3 or 4 feet above our heads, where they went to crikey only knows.
    They seemed to vanish at eye level into a wall of brick in Daryls backyard, whatever they were they were not insects as l've never seen these streaks of light since then.


    Its something you would of had to witness if you had of been there.

    l think they were probes anyhow, now.


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