Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Support Rep. Kucinich's Efforts to Better Regulate GMOs

Three new pieces of legislation are set to be presented before the 111th Congress, and each one would increase the regulatory guidelines for genetically-modified organisms (GMO). Authored by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), the three bills would mandate GMO labeling, require proper GMO safety testing, eliminate seed patenting, increase rights and protections for farmers, and administer full liability to biotechnology companies for damage caused by GMOs.

First introduced by Rep. Kucinich back in 2003, the bills reflect common-sense policies that are in the best interests of consumers rather than corporations. They offer both transparency in food labeling and reasonable safety guidelines concerning the cultivation of GMOs.'


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  1. Personally, I am allergic to Genetically Modified Organisms.

    Never had any allergies in my whole life until they started tampering with all our foods and adding chemicals to EVERYTHING.

    Last time i had some shop branded cheese, I cam up in a red raised rash on my thighs and all over my arms. I just didn't feel myself. I was going to post the pctures online but people were saying don't post pictures of your thighs online. I'll probably put the arm pictures up. Red rash all over and it really hurt too.

    You can't even drink water without it being filled with chemicals. Shameful isn't it?

    Just because some people are trying to get rich, they want to kill people.


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