Monday, January 17, 2011

Empty Suits and the Darkness that Moves Them

I’ve used the phrase ‘empty suit’ on occasion but I wouldn’t want the reader to think that I meant the suit was actually empty. In fact, the suit is filled with something other than what it presents itself as. Obama and Biden are empty suits, filled with the presence and intention of evil. Maybe they believe they are working for the common good (doubtful) but if so, they are so deluded that they should not be holding office. On the other hand, they are conscious ministers of the enemy of humanity. Most of these types are.

If Mother Teresa was what they said she was, she wouldn’t have been going around doing photo-ops with most of the dictators on the planet. She wouldn’t have been punishing those she was supposedly helping. She wouldn’t have forced them to exist under Draconian regime and we would know where all that money went, but we don’t. People like this should not be made into saints.'


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