Sunday, January 16, 2011

'US to Meet Its Waterloo in Afghanistan'

"This is Obama's Waterloo. Afghanistan is commonly referred to as the quagmire of empires or the graveyard of empires. It will be the graveyard for our empire. This is the last stand of America's empire,” columnist and author Allen Rolland told Press TV.

He made the remarks in reference to Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, which put an end to his rule as the French emperor.

“Sorry to say it but Obama is beginning to know it too, and he doesn't want to face that fact. Note, much more importantly Joe Biden going over there and saying well it looks like we won't be pulling out in 2014 either. The corpocracy has control of this war in Washington. It's the only thing that is killing the economy; the war economy. It's this occupation,” Rolland said.'


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