Sunday, January 09, 2011

Britain to Cover Up Royal Affairs

The British government is to introduce new regulations that prevent any scrutiny of the Royal Family's letters, emails, documents and finances.

The all-out protection under changes to the Freedom of Information Act is meant to put a lid on what is related to the Queen, her heir Prince Charles and the second in line to the throne Prince Williams.

The move follows recent embarrassing revelations about a number of financial abuses by the Royal Family including Queen's move to pay for Buckingham Palace's heating costs through a state poverty fund.

This comes as, the brief implementation of the Freedom of Information Act on the Royal Family affairs also disclosed details of Charles's lobbying to influence the public issues and the decisions of the government.'



  1. When it comes to their engagements marriages and breeding affairs the corporate controlled media are in an obbsesive state of fanfare.
    When it comes to more interesting details in scrutinizing expenses of the bloodline gang, well apparently thats none of the common folks affairs.

    We'll handle this with care Ma'am, no problems Highness, no worries Queen Bee.
    Big Daddy Gov will fix it Love and keep an EYE on them folks below.

    Well we already know though and in my case even more so about just why the human and parastic bloodline cannot control its needs and habits
    all cleverly hidden within.

    Like the few on facebook l know from experience via Attitudes, l'm not there myself but l found them, one had to change his name for some reason but l found him again.
    Inspector Detective Harps..Ha.

  2. But then again l only have to walk down the street and sometimes l can bump into one of 'em.

    Hello Gary...Hello Steevin....but we know each other differently in this illusion of reality.


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