Sunday, December 19, 2010

UK Non-Profits End Era of Sunlight Ignorance and Vitamin D Denial

Seven leading health groups in the UK have announced a "definitive statement" that reverses decades of ignorant opposition to sunlight exposure. This statement admits what NaturalNews has been teaching for years: That sunlight exposure is good for you and that people should seek to expose themselves to the sun, without sunscreen in order to produce more vitamin D.

This definitive statement was issued by the following non-profits:

Cancer Research UK, National Osteoporosis Society, Multiple Sclerosis Society, British Association of Dermatologists, Diabetes UK, National Heart Forum and the Primary Care Dermatology Society.

The fact that these seven non-profits are now admitting that sunshine is good for you represents a monumental change in the longstanding position of most conventional health non-profits who have long insisted that sunlight is bad for you.'


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  1. Are they taking the mickey or what? What sunlight? The sky where I live has been chemtrailed every day this year apart from about four days of clear skies. They deliberatly spray right over the sun and block it out, I haven't had a proper day of sun since June.


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