Sunday, January 23, 2011

Row Over Hike in University Vice-Chancellors' Pay

More than 950 university staff, including all vice-chancellors, were paid more than the Prime Minister – an eight per cent increase on the year before.

One senior administrator at Oxford was given a salary of almost £600,000, thought to be the highest-paid university post in the country.

Last night, the disclosure prompted claims that universities were showing an “arrogant disregard” for public opinion.

It comes just weeks after ministers backed plans to triple the cap on student tuition fees from just over £3,000 to £9,000 a year, sparking riots in Westminster and prompting fears that some teenagers will be priced out of higher education.

The move also comes despite the biggest cuts to university budgets in a generation.'



  1. Interesting, and that is one of the many reasons why these UK Universities do not have any money and want to bleed the students dry with these worthless degrees that we have.

    As usual, greed rules the day in UK.

    And if you see some of these people who are raking in all this cash, they look so decrepid and scruffy, all the money they are getting and it doesn't even show on them.

  2. I realise that my comment above comes across as bitchy, but some of these people are wrapped up in greed. Always take, take and take and cut, cut and cut.

    You will cut people's jobs so that you can have 10 houses and twenty cars, isn't that greedy?

    If you don't invest how can you get anything out? It's always some few greedy vultures exploiting and taking everything.

    What shocks me the most is that people don't even feel bad about doing it. They have this attitude of "well, I'm the big boss so I deserve to take everything." Just because you are the big boss, it doesn't mean you should be so greedy!

    Greed and incompetence is ruining the UK. It's really pissing me off.


Thanks for your comment it is much appreciated.