Thursday, January 27, 2011

Your Home: It's Just the Same as Domestic Violence, Warns Woman Judge

Men and women who shout at their partners risk being thrown out of their homes under a sweeping ruling by judges yesterday.

Raising your voice at a husband or wife, or a boyfriend or girlfriend, now counts as domestic violence under the landmark Supreme Court judgment.

The decision also means that denying money to a partner or criticising them can count as violence and bring down draconian domestic violence penalties from the courts.'


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  1. Draconian...LOL....That word always conjures up images in my mind of a big dragon swooping down...LOL

    Seriously though, shouting? This is silly, simply because a lot of people shout i relationships. Not me, I only shout back if I am shouted at first. Sometimes, you have to give as good as you get.

    However, hitting a person and constant criticism is another kettle of fish. Some people don't even have to shout to be a bully, sometimes a person can put you down without even shouting. I guess domestic violence comes in different forms, the worst being physical violence. It's all about self-control, to be honest.

    Hmmm, so what about bosses who shout at their staff? Does this then count as workplace violence?

    I would like to speak to that judge.


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