Friday, January 28, 2011

Fluoride Truth on Australian TV - Fluoride Retards the Brain

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  1. Continued from 25/01/11

    More Truth in OZ....

    In the initial stages that was toiled in the sometimes foggy process of awakening, it was very confusing at times for my brother and l,
    a bit like cleaning a large dwelling, all rooms at one time in my case, where oh where does one begin sorting through the bloody mess??

    Thick layers of dust and cobwebs that had settled on the cradle of a cranium and its mantle of consciousness were wiped clean first
    using new solvents of information as a solution.

    The new merchandise of information came in a number of especially good utilitarian brand names, some l would stick with again and again so reliable was their method and formula.
    Before long l had the house of consciousness in order using these impeccable products at hand, handling tough stains it had been subjected to in the house of conciousness and its state of conditioning.

    One sparkling solution of a solvent l took a shine to quickly was such a marvel to utilize, while l waxed and polished the upstairs department of consciousness in my haste like a robot in rebellion.

    With an unrelenting fever of passion to get as much done and crammed into the library of consciousness, sub-conscious snuck in carefully to hold onto something unseen,
    only to give it back when an aspect on the asphalt of experience was grooved and boogied in another house, then unseen, to be cleaned with a respectful attitude nightly, and a passion hidden beaneath the unglamourous life.

    A passion that was to unlock an ancient secret from our divineness in disguise.
    Thereby sub-consciousness handed consciousness what it had held onto from one of the children of the revolution...the key to ascension.

    Well you can bump and grid if its good for your mind, well you can twist and shout let it all hang out but you wont fool the children of the revolution, no you wont fool the children of the revolution no, no, NO.

    Well your terror reign in your falling reign
    l PLUCK a rolls royce cause its good for my VOICE but you wont fool the children of the revolution no you wont fool the children of the revolution....NO WAY.

    1994 continued below, sometime.


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