Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Appellate Court Kicks Emanuel Off Chicago Ballot

Rahm Emanuel has been knocked off the mayoral ballot after an Illinois appellate court panel overturned a ruling in his residency case. The panel ruled that Emanuel did not meet the residency requirement for eligible candidates.

“We conclude that the candidate neither meets the the municipal code’s requirement that he have ‘resided’ in Chicago for the year preceding the election in which he seeks to participate nor falls within any exception to the requirement,” the court wrote in its decision.'


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  1. The result of the Supreme’s decision isn’t necessarily wrong; it, too, seems rational and fair. It’s reasoning, however, crafts certainty out of thin air. It belittles the problem, seemingly out of pique. The problems with the underlying law in Chicago and the court’s own precedent it simply pixie dusted away, a means to an end that the concurring justices gently chided them about.


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