Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cancer Sufferers 'to be Given Chemotherapy at Branches of Boots' in Extraordinary Shake-up of NHS

Cancer patients will receive chemotherapy at their local branch of Boots as part of a revolutionary shake-up of the NHS.

Hospital bosses have been in secret talks with the chemists’ chain about expanding its High Street operations to include walk-in treatment for cancer.

Last night Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said the aim was to deliver ‘a service tailored to an individual’s need’.'



  1. Another type of shake up....personally.

    Continued from ummm? last time 22nd or 23rd..forgot.

    What happened in 1992?,....???,
    off the top of my head l dunno really, l'd have to check on the internet to remember something
    that happened in the world from that time.
    Was l happy or miserable?, dead or alive?...
    probably all 4 in one knowing me.

    l remember my brother and l had a long time interest rekindled because of what we both witnessed that night going back home to Williamstown from my cousins place in Frankston.
    The Port Phillip Bay incident with a UFO....

    One of us began buying Exposure Magazine an alternative magazine that covered articles on supressed information.
    And so began our extraordinary awakening.

    In late 1992 my twin brother Glen started acting peculiar sometimes.
    l didn't know it at the time but his experience was to involve the girlfriend of my younger brother of 5 years Michael, Chrissy C, whom we had known since 1986.

    "Chrissy is some kind of witch" Glen would say.

    "Whats he going on about?...a witch?...whats wrong with him?...why is he saying that about Chrissy??" l thought.

    Things were going on between Glen, Michael and Chrissy in the house l always thought Kylies character from *The Henderson Kids lived in,
    [*an Oz TV series].

    53 Dover Road Williamstown a little white cottage.

    l've never ever watched The Henderson Kids only to see a scene from it while l was switching channels once.
    In that scene l saw one of the TV characters at the front door of 53 Dover rd filmed from the front fence.
    Kylie appeared in series ONE not filmed in Williamstown, series TWO was filmed in Williamstown though without Kylie.
    So l always thought of the place as Kylies, [Henderson Kids characters] house, it wasn't but still l'll stick to my misled fantasy that it was..ha.
    She was to make a mark on me secretly in another location in Williamstown as from 2001, in the House of Attitudes.

    Continued below

  2. This does not bode well.

    Alliance Boots was bought out by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and his connections are not benign as I am sure you already know.

    Every aspect of our lives are now being controlled by so few.

    Alliance Boots have almost completely usurped the medical drug supply chain in the UK and the food supply chain has also been ensnared in the same manner.

    We are like lambs to the slaughter.

  3. l wont delve into my twin brother Glens,
    'shake up' of an awakening only to say that Chrissy was using her bloodline charms on his sexuality mentally, in much the same way bloodline Huw was to cast a spell over me mentally with sexuality, in Attitudes nightly.

    There was something about Chrissy which even l found spellbinding and that for me was with her friendship, as shallow as it turned out to be.
    Yet still l can only think of the best side of her which is what l saw mostly over 1986-1999, until she connected into the hidden network that stretched back to 1976 with the bloodline.

    Glen went through some type of haunting which was satantic, he heard thumpings on his bedroom walls, cracking noises around his room and eerie groans around his bed and then the shape of a woman in his bed, a succubi which he had sex with.

    As l said l wont go through his experience because l shouldn't speak on his behalf and its not my business to anyhow.

    What else happened in 1992?
    Oh yes in late 1992 both of us purchased 3 books advertised in Exposure Magazine on the sujects of secret societies:

    Jan Van Helsing:
    Secret Societies and their power in the 20th Century.

    and the other 2 books were:

    The Robots Rebellion
    And the Truth Shall Set You Free,
    by an author l couldn't pronouce properly.

    E-eck?.....Eick?....i-i-cke...David Icke.

    What else happened in 1992?, Glen and l turned 35 and really l have no idea what else as that was the kickoff point to our awakening, most importantly, like finding a door and key within
    and entering a spoken language in literary that wasn't spoken outside in the world hidden and replete with a history in conspiracy, that was to come knocking on my door later on.....

    Continued next time...

  4. Boots moved its headquarters from its historic location in Nottingham to Zug in Switzerland in order to reduce the amount of tax paid.
    We own or run nothing in this country anymore everything has been sold off for profit not its the NHSs turn.

  5. l think l'm wrong with my timeline and memory of events, l was sure l began reading The Robots Rebellion in 1993 then soon after,
    And the Truth Shall Set You Free but it must of been 1994, because The Robots Rebellion was published in 1994.

    Anyhow it was a long time ago so my memory as to when is was is a bit jumbled up there.
    It really doesn't matter as to when l came across Ickes early books advertised in Exposure Magazine though, what does matter was ahead in the timeline from 1998-2002 of which really counts....experience.

    Before experience, it is only guess work as to the precise timeline of when our awakening began.

  6. So my first comment should read....

    "What happened in 1993?"

    As to 1992 l still have no idea what happened in my life that year, same as, same as and same as before really, up down, up down and up down, on the merry go round with the 4 in one...ha.

  7. Maybe l should explain as best l can about Glen and the thing in his bed, actually l'm not sure what it was but it appears as if it were a succubi, it was about 1993 or 1994.

    He looks back on that encounter with disgust, shame and embarrassment for letting himself as
    he said, "go with the it".

    Even though he was bewildered to what was going on during the early stages of his awakening he was moreso vulnerable to his sexuality rather than say l was to mine.

    Without being to expilcit Glen never mentions if it had features as it was in the darkness of his room, only that he could feel its flesh as he held on to it in the missionary style.
    He said he just went for it and couldn't help himself while in the sexual act.

    He never ever told me about about this until after my experience with Huw in Attitudes in 2002, and then Glen confessed to me about it.
    l was shocked how could he do that with whatever it was, its in the long gone past now and just a part of his experience.


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