Saturday, January 29, 2011

WeAreChange Tampa Confronts Commissioners about Fluoride Poisoning

'Fluoride poisoning exposed by WAC Tampa we slam county commissioners for accepting putting a certified toxin in our water and forcibly medicating the public.'


  1. If by chance somebody had of asked me who and what the Freemasons were previous to 1994,
    l think l would of discribed them as some dull club for boring old farts similar to politicians, so much was my knowledge of either group....Yawn!

    There was just no appeal of interest to warrant a second look at a bunch of freaks in suits, until 1994 became my 1984 through the pages of the alternative media on the subject of secret societies.
    A second look developed into a long fixed stare as l entered the pages of the subject firstly in 2 books l was to read in 1994.

    Icke...The Robots Rebellion
    Jan Van Helsing...Secret Societies and their
    Power in the 20th Century.

    With my eyes glued to each line, passage and chapter l started to see a history shrouded in secrecy, non fictionally.
    As l lay reading in bed it was all to much for my head and l felt as if walking through each page of detail, as if in a slight atmosphere of fogginess.
    The fogginess was like an invisible veil slowly lifted from eyes absorbed in the complexity of the plot and a history in storyline, l was spellbound in my new found interest.

    Sometimes in my sleep all l saw was lines and lines, and pages and pages of sentences in my dreams, l felt like l was reading non stop day and night, it was tiring because when l awoke
    l felt like l'd been studying for an examination all night.
    10 years had passed since George Orwell novel and vision of what 1984 would be like only to morph into 1994 from the hidden world of secret societies and conspiracy, meanwhile secretly setting a path and stage ahead blindly that l was on all to personally.

    continued below

  2. While transfixed like a moth to the flame with the information the alternative media provided,
    odd little noises were engaged in vying for my attention within my bedroom at various times, this would become apparent while reading Ickes:
    The Robots Rebellion.

    In my mind l thought this must be what called awakening....oh! its happening l thought.
    My TV would make static noise like changing channels on a radio, yet it was switched off and unplugged.
    Cracking sounds around my room and the sensation of cobwebs on my face were also going on but l didn't link that to awakening until much later, l just thought "Is there a friggin little money spider on my face...barstard!"
    as l wiped my face again and again.
    Once while concentrating, involved in my reading, l felt the top of my head cause the window pane behind me to crack loudly, l turned my head quickly to see it the window was cracked, no, while checking if it was caused by someone outside on the veranda or,
    nobody there??
    l imagined that this type of mystery must be happening to others awakening..maybe it has.

    For my brother as from New Years Eve 1993 things were more insane with his awakening yet he kept some things to himself for a reason.

    l was to keep things to myself also when it involved sexual thoughts with bloodline Huw later on up the line in time, much like Glen did with his secret infatuation with bloodline Chrissy and her trance upon him that he was going through in the house at Dover Road Williamstown.

    Continued next time.


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