Saturday, October 02, 2010

Virgin Atlantic (that 'nice man' Richard Branson) use subliminals and sex to sell the Illuminati agenda - including full-body scanners


  1. Remember Branson arriving at Dianas Funeral on the 6th of September 1997?....l do.
    He loves his fame and it showed, all smiles and waving happily to the disgusting cheers from a section of the crowd there only for the sake of celebrity like it was a showbiz event from Londonwood among the many other fakes and frauds in mourning that day Diana could truly never turn too.
    Never liked that man with his sex themed empire from then, not a trace of sadness was seen on billion dollar face.

    Bet he's appeared moreso at rituals secretly than funerals, and without the fanfare.

  2. Did you know that you can adjust the size of the video in Youtube?

    This video is covering over all the followers and the right sidebar.

  3. The NWO do this all the time but thankfully more and more of us are waking up to what they are trying to do


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