Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baghdad Gets Less Than One Hour of Electricity a Day

Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, home to more than six million people, hardly gets one hour of non-interrupted electricity supplies every 24 hours.

The city has plunged into darkness with the country’s national grid still unable to increase supplies despite billions of dollars in investments.

Seven years after the 2003-U.S. invasion, power production in the country is still below levels reached under former leader Saddam Hussein.

Prior to his downfall, Baghdad used to have up to 18 hours of electricity supplies a day.

Residents are furious but can do nothing in a country where issues of personal security take precedence over anything else.'


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  1. See...

    they should have left Saddam Hussein to take care of the affairs in his own country instead of poking their noses in. Every country in the world cannot be like America. they ruin their own country and then go off and ruin everybody else's. The whole world cannot be like you, and doesn't necessarily want to be either.

    In some parts of the world, people may be living in mud huts, but they are content and happy. Not everybody is greedy like in USA. Not everybody wants to live the lifestyle of greed while others in the SAME country are down and out rummaging through bins.

    Oh, and no I am not a terrorist or anti-USA, merely stating the facts as I see them from my point of view.

    I heard US went to Iraq to steal the oil, so no surprises there. Old school tricks with a modern day twist.

    America, the land of greed and money.


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