Monday, May 02, 2011

Wind Farms Paid To Switch Off Turbines

Six wind farms were given six-figure payments to switch off their turbines because the Scottish grid network could not absorb all the energy being produced, it has emerged.

Research by the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) found energy companies were paid a total of £900,000 for stopping the turbines for several hours between April 5 and 6 this year.'


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  1. Mismanagement as usual.

    First they say wind turbine don't produce enough energy, this article states that all the energy being produced could not be absorbed, which means that they DO produce energy, but it was being wasted....Maybe they were hooked up to the grid in an inefficient way that caused the energy to be wasted.

    Did anyone try to find out why before forking out six figure incomes and wasting money as per usual?


Thanks for your comment it is much appreciated.