Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Osama Scandal Has Us Looking One Way. Could Obama is Moving to Take Private Pension Funds?

We have to look in other direction too when we see a big event revealed to be a hoax. We have to look in the opposite direction to see what the other hand is doing. The vote on raising the debt ceiling is coming up for a vote in congress.There is a very good chance the debt ceiling will not be raised were the Congress will not borrow anymore money and move towards having a balanced budget.The President wants to borrow the funds in expansion of government. He is looking for money. If he can not borrow anymore and the Federal Reserve can not move onto Quantitative Easing 3(QE3) printing money buying our treasuries to fund the government.

The President is looking for a source to fund his extravagant big government programs. He is looking a everyone's private pension funds to nationalize as a way confiscating people's retirement savings as a source of money to fund the Federal Government and Wall Street. The last act of government is to the loot the people and the nation. I do not trust the government to manage anyone's pension funds.They proven that overseeing Social Security. Congress and the President over the years looted the Social Security trust fund to spend on big government.'


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  1. Doesn't it feel like when ones mind is opened, one needs not only eyes that are peeled from the front but also eyes that are peeled from the back of the head to keep up with everything going on now, and then one eye on guard peeled while trying to get some shut eye....
    you can go bloody cock eyed with all the propaganda, lies and spin.
    Thank crickey for the people who can look elsewhere, just in case ones four eyes is overloaded with other things.

    l think l've said something like this before, if so l've said it again.


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