Monday, May 02, 2011

Army Corps of Engineers to Use 250 Tons of Explosives on New Madrid Fault-line During Massive Earthquake Drill

With the rains returning and the flood gauge at Cairo, Ill., expected to match all-time highs by Monday, Maj. Gen. Michael Walsh gave the order Saturday to move barges carrying 250 tons of explosives to Wickliffe, Ky., putting them in position to blow the Birds Point levee in Mississippi County.
But Walsh said at a news conference Saturday afternoon he has yet to decide whether he will activate the plan that would inundate 132,000 acres of farmland in Mississippi and New Madrid counties.'


So here are things as I see it

1. Use HAARP to create the weather systems that bring the rain

2. Announce the US's Largest Earthquake drill based on the New Madrid Fault Line

3. Blow up the Levee which sits on the fault line

4. Massive earthquake ( HAARP induced)

5. Blame it on the Levee Explosion

We shall see!

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