Friday, May 06, 2011

Dozens of Earthquakes Hit Unlikely State of Maine in Unusual Seismic Swarm

Last weekend, a mysterious swarm of earthquake events struck the US state of Maine in what seismic experts have dubbed a "microquake" event. A region not typically prone to earthquakes, portions of Maine allegedly feel a small shake or two in an average year as a result of earth plate movement, but in recent days there have been dozens of shaking events, which has stirred up area residents. And though geologists insist that the earthquakes are nothing to worry about, some locals have expressed concern that the quake swarm might be an atypical precursor to something worse.'


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  1. "We'll continue to investigate," said Searsport Police Chief...

    "There's obviously something going on. It's outside of the police purview at this point, but we'll continue to respond to any and all calls that come in."

    Hmmmm, that basically means we are doing nothing or we don't know what to do!


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