Monday, January 10, 2011

SPLC blames Ayn Rand, David Icke and Others for Arizona Shooting

Even more outrageously, Potok excerpts a vague term used by Loughner about “conscience dreaming,” which he says he studied in college, and links it to new age speaker, British author and ‘conspiracy theorist’ David Icke, despite the fact that nothing known about Loughner has ever mentioned Icke or his work.

Not only is this an example of unjustified guilt-by-association, but David Icke has manifestly promoted non-violence throughout his decades of work. Further ‘conscious dreaming’ is a term often linked to yoga practices and Eastern philosophy not “radical” right wing ideology.'



  1. What has David Icke got to do with it?

    How do we know that this maniac assassin was not paid to shoot those people?

    So many maniacs killing people for no good reason in America. Fine if people want to keep their guns, but it just seems that any nutter can get their hands on one over there.

  2. The poor mainstream media just keep trotting out these mouths with something that they introduce as so called 'expertise'.

    l'm sure Potok with his expertise??? can pronounce Ickes name correctly, l mean Icke has been writing books on subjects that the corporate controlled media barely utter yet never dare speak of, for 20 odd years along with others....has Potok?
    lnterestingly Ickes tongue twister of a name??? rolls around his banter of nonsense in all stupidity for the American stupitity thats watching....
    Duh? whos Ickey honey get us a beer and a beef jerky.

    In Australia the corporate controlled media whores frequently say and have coined the term
    "Theres Something About Mary"
    about Princess Mary of Denmark [from Tasmania] in reports.
    Actually there isn't anything about her except breeding, thats all she does, pop out babies for Freddo Frogs House of Denmark.

    More to the point though, theres something about Icke that the corporate controlled media don't like.....the truth, which eventually by a design will replaced them in a set time.

  3. And in the end what doesn't kill you makes you strong, when it goes wrong, it might just crack
    if you can't my wildest heart....

    l was afraid of the light not the dark,
    ln the darkness l could hide, l closed my heart l closed my mind to the call of freedom close behind, the voice within that said.

    Wouldn't you like to be like the sun shining your warm light down on everyone
    Wouldn't you like to feel like the sun shining your golden light down on everyone.

    l see with more than just my eyes
    l hear with more than just my ears
    l feel with more than just my hands,
    more than just my hands.

    Wouldn't you like to be like the sun
    shining your warm light down on everyone
    Wouldn't you like to feel like the sun
    Its not just in some of us but in everyone.

    Like The Sun
    Wendy Matthews

    l was drawn to this song a lot at night in Attitudes Restuarant during 2001, how relevant to it turned out to be secretly, between bloodline Huw and l.


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