Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Britain Reinforces Security Amid Threats

The security threat level for London's transport system including airports, train and subway stations, ports and roads has risen from substantial to severe, turning the city to a blockhouse rather than a secure place to live in freely, British media reported.

"The threat level to the UK is at severe, which means that an attack is highly likely, and has been since January 2010," said the Metropolitan Police in a statement.

"We will police accordingly and use a range of covert and overt tactics which remain under constant review. As Assistant Commissioner of Special Operations John Yates said recently, recent events at East Midlands Airport and continued speculation about 'Mumbai-style' attacks serve as a stark reminder of the real and enduring threat we continue to face from terrorist groups," said the statement.'


So if the threat  has been likely since Jan 2010 why move up the threat level from substantial to severe now?

Either they are planning something or they just want to up the fear level!

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