Monday, January 10, 2011

Trial Against Environmental Acitivists Dropped After Undercover Met Police Officer Switches Sides

The campaigners had been accused of conspiring to shut down a power station, but the trial collapsed after Pc Mark Kennedy, who had infiltrated the group, indicated he would give evidence to support them in court, it has been reported.

Prosecutors dropped the case, which was due to start on Monday, after learning that Mr Kennedy had offered to help the defence, according to BBC Newsnight.'


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  1. Yes, well I laughed when I read that story.

    Just because you are a police officer, it doesn't mean you can't know right from wrong.

    Besides, all this so called undercover stuff sometimes just doesn't work.

    You get these police officers even faling in love with their so called undercover targets at times. They are human beings, first and foremost, after all.

    Sometimes, some of these police officers know that what they are sent to do is wrong and their conscience takes over at times. Again, they are human, thank goodness. Although, that can't be said for all of them.

    Smoke, smog, pollution and all these other carcinogenics in the air affects everyone after all. So, who would fight against their own safety and wellbeing and the future of their children?


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