Monday, January 10, 2011

British Government Bribing Banksters with Allowing Huge Bonuses if They Increase Lending

The banks are locked in negotiations with the Treasury over an agreement that would see them boost lending in return for tacit government approval for their bonus plans.

First-time buyers would be offered more attractive mortgage deals without having to put down a large deposit. In return, the Government would not seek to block or attack bonuses provided the banks demonstrated their commitment to helping businesses and wider society.

David Cameron said yesterday that he wanted to see an end to the culture of “bash the banks” and stressed the importance of the City to the economy.'


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  1. I have one word, corruption.

    Of course, when it comes to corruption, UK and USA should have first place.

    I don't eeven know how they can criticise any so called third world country when they are far worse in the so called first world countries, also good at exploiting people as well.


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